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Member of the National Association of Disc Jockeys

Welcome to the Jools Disco Website


Jools is currently taking a break from Disco's.
Unfortunately, this means that I am not accepting any bookings for the time being.


At Jools Disco, we believe in one thing - you're the boss.

Therefore, if you want the music loud, or quiet, its up to you. If you want Blobby, followed by ACDC, then its no problem. If you want lots of lights and smoke, or just a few background lights, its your choice.

We provide the options - you choose.

The Jools Disco rig consists of a 1400 Watt 4 speaker sound system. All of our 52,000 music tracks are computer indexed, and we can find your requests within seconds. Our music collection contains music from the 1940's through to the latest charts. Even we are amazed at what's in it! Organisers can specify the general genre of the music, and can even specify individual songs (or even the whole play list) for the event in advance.

Our light system comprises of 6 sets of 4 spot bulbs, plus 3 multi beam lights, 3 synchronized multi-pattern lights, twin beam laser, strobe light and a smoke machines. These are either floor mounted, or mounted on our 10 foot wide lighting rig. We can control the lights, depending on the music. This means that we can generate different effects for different type of music.

Jools Disco is fully insured with 1.25m of public liability insurance.
All of our equipment is also electrically PAT (Portable Appliance Tested).
We also hold a MCPS DJ license and are members of the National Association of DJ's.

This enables us to fulfill all safety requirements of any venue.

So whatever the occasion, be it a party, wedding reception, a civil partnership, Christmas dinner or school prom, please give us a call.

Availability / Booking Notice
Due to my popularity, I now no availability for 2009. I am taking bookings for 2010.

Music Genres
Jools UK Disco carries a very wide range of general music. However, we do not carry the extremes of music. This means we have a lot of 60's to modern music, including latest Chart, Rock, General Disco, Dance, R+B etc. However, we do not carry Garage, Scar Punk or other alternative genres. We can only cater for events that require this type of music, if the organisers provide us with the CD's (or detailed playlist).

Whilst we are very good at providing music for Disco's, including club and dance music, we are not top London club DJ's, and we do not have the latest white label music for the club scene. If you are looking for a top London club DJ, then we are not your people.

Talky Talky?
At every event, we will have wired and wireless microphones available. We will use these during the evening for various purposes - such as welcoming your guests, announcing the first dance, announcing a buffet, singing happy birthday etc. However, we are not talky talky DJ's, that talk in between every song, or constantly over songs. We prefer to just play music. If you would like to use the microphones during the evening - maybe a thank you speech, a blowing out the candles speech etc., you are more than welcome to - its your event.

Not all DJ's are the same
The mobile DJ industry, has three main level of DJ's. These are

1. Full Time Professional DJ - sole income from Disco work
2. Part Time Professional DJ - has additional income (but operates as a Professional DJ)
3. Ordinary DJ - Just does it as a side line to earn some extra cash

The first two levels will be fully insured, will have PAT tested equipment, will be members of a recognised DJ body (such as NADJ), will declare their DJ income for TAX, will use professional booking contracts, and will do there very best to ensure that your event goes well. Because of these factors and the quality of service, their prices reflects this.

The third one will be cheaper, but you will not get any assurances, and if there is an accident at your event, you will not have any cover. A lot of venues are also now insisting on seeing copies of PLI (Public Liability Insurance) and PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) certificates (click here for mine). I regularly receive many requests to do last minute bookings because a DJ that had been booked, can not operate in a specific venue or has simple chosen not to do the gig anymore for whatever reason (usually because they have had a better offer for that night).

When you book Jools Disco, you get Jools Disco - we have NEVER let a client down on a confirmed booking.

Jools Disco's currently operates as a level 2 Part Time Professional DJ.

To make a booking, or for more information, or to discuss your ideal disco,  please contact us on

Mobile 0778 9966440
Evening 01264 391186





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for accompanied 0 - 11 year old children.

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